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A selection of comments from past Parent Surveys


‘Keep up the good work, excellent school.’


‘The teachers are an asset to my son and others, thank you.’


‘I am extremely happy with the progress my daughter is making – she has come on in leaps and bounds. I feel Birch Wood Vale is tailor made for her needs.’


‘I am so happy with how my son has progressed in the school setting over a short period of time. A big ‘thank you’ for everyone’s help and especially for their exceptional support. I know that he will blossom throughout the school setting. Thanks again!’


‘The primary school said under no circumstances could he go back after Christmas. Sending him to Birch Wood is the best thing I ever did, I couldn’t be more pleased. He is calmer, telling me about things he enjoys at school. Everybody has noticed such a big change in him, all of my family appreciate everything you are doing, it has changed our lives.’


‘My son is really happy, he’s started playing again and back to the old child. Everything is really positive and he is much happier when he comes home. The unit has been really positive for him’.


‘I am happy with the new assessment and tracking system. My son seems very happy at school and appears to be making good progress. The teachers seemed very knowledgeable about my son’s abilities and when to push him. I would like to comment on his next IEP before it is finalised.’


‘The provision has been outstanding in every way and the staff are brilliant with strategies to ensure progress is made in all areas of my son’s school life. We couldn’t ask for anything more!’



‘I was very impressed with how positive ad enthusiastic all staff were tonight (as always). Especially impressed with all the efficient, colour coded information on my sons progress and it’s equivalent grade in GCSE. Only additional information required on the sheets would be a ‘predicted grade’ at GCSE (in addition to ‘current grade’).

Well done everyone and thank you!