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'Hair today gone tomorrow' - Help Lee fundraise!

Those that know me know that for the past 7 years my dreads have been a huge part of my identity, I am 'the one with the dreadlocks' since starting at the school I have adjusted the way I see myself and realise that being part of such an incredible team is a much greater part of who I am. To show this I will be raising money to buy new iPads to be used for communication for the children, in order to do this I am looking for people to sponsor me to shave my head. I have also agreed that, in exchange for sponsorship, staff and students can decorate my beard!
On December 21st (the last day of term) I will shave my head at work, this will be photographed and possibly filmed for the school fb page. 
Please show your support, share, tweet, repost and help me to raise as much money as possible!