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Health Wellbeing & Family Support


Alison Kowal - Health & Wellbeing Officer

My name is Alison Kowal and I have worked at Birch Wood for 9 years. I have worked within all areas of the school with varying needs of the children. I began work as a Learning Support Assistant within in the classroom, after 5 years I was successful at becoming a Senior Teaching Assistant working closely with the classroom teachers and supporting them in their role. In February 2017, I was promoted to a Health and Wellbeing Officer.


Alison is based at site 1 but works closely across both sites to ensure a high standard of care and consistency is delivered. Available Monday-Friday 8.30am - 4pm to listen to your concerns and questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any help or support.


Rebecca Gray - Health & Wellbeing Officer

I have been at Birch Wood School since September 2019, working as a Learning Support Assistant in classes of all ages and varying abilities. I was appointed as an additional Health and Well-being Officer in January 2020. I will be working closely with Alison and the Diana nurses but based at Birch Wood Vale to ensure the same high level quality of care is provided to all students across both sites.


Lucy Robson - Learning Mentor/Pet Therapy

I was appointed as Learning Mentor in April 2017. I support students across both our Main and Birch Wood Vale sites. I implement Pet Therapy within the school which includes animal-assisted therapy, this is a growing field that uses dogs or other animals to help students with a wide range of difficulties. I use my own pet dog Tula, who makes regular visits and works with students who need extra support.  


Sarah Alldridge - Home School Link Worker

I began my position of Home School Link Worker in November 2017. My role is to support you and your child as a positive link between home and school. As the Home School Link Worker I offer support and advice to families of the children who attend our school whilst having the ability to signpost you to relevant and required agencies. I can support you in our parent’s room or in some circumstances I can come out to your home to discuss any concerns or to assist you with completing and checking any forms. 

Lucy, Alison and I have a good communication link between ourselves, SLT and teaching staff to ensure that all of our Birch Wood School, Birch Wood Vale students and their families are receiving the support that they require.

If you are a potential parent or carer who is thinking of applying for a place here for your child then please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your child’s needs and arrange a tour of the school.


Family Listening Service - Letter to Parents/Carers

Care Navigation and the Neighbourhood Team