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School Improvement Plan

Birch Wood Area Special School Improvement Plan

Purpose of the Improvement Plan:


This Improvement Plan has been developed to provide our school with the necessary information to address the areas for improvement identified in our schools self-evaluation:


School Improvement Priorities

  1. To improve the outcomes for children by;


  • Improving the range and quality of qualifications for GCSE options and 16-19 students
  • Developing reading for pleasure timetable for BW2 students and a ladder scheme at site 1
  • Review and develop the sensory and communication timetables for PMLD students
  • To introduce a new programme of lunchtime activities, with a  focus on ‘looking for learning’ moreover measuring  the impact on students
  • Review the Life and practical skills learning opportunities for KS3 and above students at BW1 and develop an overall strategy for implementation on looking and building these skills towards independence.


2) To develop and improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment;


  • Review of homework system and study skills support in conjunction with the helping your child with their next steps learning programme/parental support guides and sessions
  • Staff training advanced sessions for: phonics / highly effective questioning / reviewing levels of challenge
  • new assessment system and providing feedback to staff / students / parents
  • Increased emphasis on artistic opportunities particularly musical for all students to participate and access
  • Improved use of Makaton in appropriate classes.
  • Focused and topic based lesson observations, work sampling , data sessions with variety of senior staff , including peer mentoring


3) To improve the personal development opportunities for children and ensure high standards of welfare and behaviour;


  • Commissioning Prospects, alternative independent sources of careers guidance and developing the employability mentoring scheme
  • a pupil premium strategic plan, with a systematic and effective approach to evaluating its impact on reducing the gaps and improving progress and attainment
  • Senior leaders to review behaviour policy ensuring consistent implementation of the new policy and consider how conduct and behaviour is to be reported to parents and carers.
  • Update our policy’s concerning bullying and embed new practice. Attention also needs to address the gap in online bullying and issues with negative use of social networks including twitter.
  • To review our school council terms of reference and create a more effective student voice with a higher school profile and measure its impact in 2015-16

4) To improve the effectiveness of leadership and management through;


  • Providing staff opportunities to reflect, debate and be inspired by their teaching, with incisive performance management  and twilight’s which allow staff to be involved in their own professional development, thus providing improving and effective teaching, which remains fully  focused on its positive impact on our children’s outcomes  
  • Leaders and governor’s understand fully progress and outcomes for disadvantaged children and those from specifically targeted groups.
  • Securing successful strategies for parental engagement for the benefit of students
  • Ensuring governance effectively challenges and supports the school based upon a deep understanding of the schools performance, specifically deployed in areas , to ensure that knowledge, understanding  and skill acquisition is appropriately broad and inspires our children to learn , this will form part of our ‘Looking for Learning Project’   
  • They have an excellent understanding of SEN funding and the resources are effectively deployed
  • Leaders and governor’s ensure that training on protecting our children from extremism and radicalisation is completed, embedded and sufficiently high quality to protect our children.
  • Audit and develop SMSC strategy within and across the whole school this will form part of our ‘Looking for Learning Project’   
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