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Curriculum Offer Key Stage 2

The curriculum offered to each student is based on their own specific needs. The lessons planned throughout the school day are based on the National Curriculum but modified and differentiated to meet pupil's needs. Specific teaching programmes are also incorporated into the day based on individual need. These might include specific therapeutic programmes, PECS, Intensive Interaction sessions, music therapy sessions, sensory integration, TEACCH, and 1:1 teaching sessions.

The teaching approaches used and the focus on the curriculum changes throughout the child's school life. When they first start school there is a focus on early learning skills, however in Key Stage 4 and Post 16 there is an increased focus on preparing for independence and life after school.
Pupils are disapplied from SATS, however, where appropriate they will be entered for external qualifications in their latter years at school. These will primarily be qualifications which are based on portfolios of evidence and experience, however for those students who are capable we will enter them for appropriate examination based qualifications.


Key stage two curriculum offer:

There are two generic mixed ability classes in Key stage two. Teachers and support staff work closely with parents and specialist professionals to develop individual programmes for each child related to the Key Stage Two National Curriculum. Teachers plan from the National Curriculum and tailor each lesson and activity to meet all pupil’s individual needs. Mathematics, Literacy, Science, Computing and PE are all taught as stand-alone lessons; whilst RE, Art, Geography and History are taught through creative themes and topics.

We offer a sensory curriculum for those pupils with more complex and profound needs, or pupils with complex Autism. Groups or individuals will be taken out of the classroom and will participate in TACPAC, Body Awareness, Dance Massage and Aromatherapy sessions. Pupils with more complex needs will have more access to our Hydrotherapy pool as part of their Physiotherapy programme.