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Birch Wood School Governors

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names and categories for each Governor.

Full Governing Body

  • Sue Herlihy- Chair and Community Governor
  • Caroline Pearson - Vice Chair (Co-opted)
  • Rosalind Hopkins- Headteacher
  • Dorothy Holland (LA Governor)
  • Jayne Croxford (Co-opted)
  • Dr Phil Wood- (Co-opted)
  • Lindsey Willday- Parent Governor
  • Kerry Clarkson- Parent Governor
  • Amy Dunstan - Staff Governor


Governor Committees

Behaviour and Safety

  • Lindsey Willday (Chair)
  • Dorothy Holland
  • Caroline Pearson
  • Amy Dunstan
  • Rosalind Hopkins
  • Kerry Clarkson
  • Jayne Croxford
  • Renee Downing- School Business Manager, invited non-Governor
  • Lou Bedder - Office Manager/PA to Head Teacher, invited non-Governor


Learning and Outcomes

  • Sue Herlihy (Chair)
  • Dorothy Holland
  • Jayne Croxford
  • Rosalind Hopkins
  • Dr Phil Wood
  • Tom Smith- Deputy Head, invited non-Governor
  • Lou Bedder - Office Manager/PA to Head Teacher, invited non-Governor


Finance and Staffing Committee

  • Caroline Pearson (Chair)
  • Dorothy Holland
  • Sue Herlihy
  • Rosalind Hopkins
  • Renee Downing- School Business Manager, invited non-Governor
  • Lou Bedder - Office Manager/PA to Head Teacher, invited non-Governor


Pay Review Committee

  • Sue Herlihy (Chair)
  • Rosalind Hopkins
  • Lindsey Willday


Percuniary Interest Declaration Governor Details of the Interest
Businesses (of which I am a partner or sole proprietor) None Declared               
Company Directorships - details of all companies of which I am a director None Declared


Membership of professional bodies, membership organisations, public bodies or special interest groups of which I am a member and have a position of general control or management

Dorothy Holland


Dr Phil Wood

Trustee Waltham Village Institute

Trustee Slow Education

Gifts or hospitality offered to you by external bodies while acting in your position as a governor/trustee and whether this was declined or  accepted in the last 12 months None Declared  
Contracts offered by you for the supply of goods and/or services to the trust/school  None Declared  
Other conflicts None Declared  


The Governing Body

The School’s Governing Body is proud to be part of the progress that the school is making and is highly committed to ensuring Birch Wood’s vision and ethos continue to underpin its success.

The Governing Body is a group of volunteers organised within the Education Act 2012 and the Regulations associated with that Act that came into force in 2012 and 2013.

The Governing Body has three core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, aims, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Seeking to ensure the educational performance of the School and all of its pupils; and
  • Oversight of the School’s financial performance, use of resources and performance management

These functions are exercised via the Governing Body and its respective committees. These committees are:

  • Behaviour and Safety

  • Teaching and Outcomes

  • Finance and Staffing

The Governing Body and its Committees oversee and approve the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and within that Plan have identified particular areas of focus for evaluation and review. There are regular meetings of the committees (where members of the School’s leadership team are also present), and the full Governing Body, together with frequent meetings between members of the Governing Body and members of the School. These meetings, and these contacts, create a governors monitoring schedule of the Governing Body’s work; a full record of those meetings is maintained.

Key documents include:

  • The School Improvement Plan
  • The 2016-17 governors monitoring schedule

The Governing Body also has a number of statutory duties, for example the safeguarding of pupils, employment within the School and complaints procedures. These duties are also contained within the work of the committees and the Governing Body as a whole. The Governing Body is subject to inspection by OfSTED and the Governing Body’s performance is part of the Leadership and Management comments in subsequent reports.

The Governing Body’s work

The Governing Body and those working in and supporting Birch Wood – including students, parents as well as staff seek to build and maintain relationships based on trust and openness and a shared view of the School’s aims. Birch Wood is fortunate to have knowledgeable governors who fully understand the needs of the students and how staff seek to meet those needs. Governors have frank discussions about the School’s strategic direction, policy decisions and the development of educational practice. Governors are actively involved in reviewing and evaluating policies, progress, positive behaviour for learning, health and safety, CPD and staff performance.

The Governing Body are important a part of the School’s success through their contribution to the strategic direction of the school.

The Governing Body's membership

The Governing Body’s composition conforms to regulations that must be in place by September 2015. There are ten members of the Governing Body. Their names follow,

In addition the Governing Body is fully supported by a Clerk, Denise Reed, who can be contacted at, Denise is not a voting member of the Governing Body.